Search for DUSD Supt. Begins! And it's School Board Election Endorsement Time...

The Board approved the contract with Leadership Associates at a Special Meeting to conduct the search for our new Superintendent, 3-2 (Reyes/Murray) Please come out May 2, from 3:30-5 pm at Westminster Gardens for an Open Forum.

Please consider attending the Sp. Ed and Discipline workshop this Thursday- CTA Monrovia- hosted by Monrovia Teacher's Association- food provided! 3:30 pm. rsvp on the google form i sent out.

Friday is ECE Negotiations- everyone in shirts to show solidarity! The District accepted CTE into our union so next year we start their contract negotiations.

Elections- Cecelia sent out through district mail timelines and officer election info-- Secretary, VP, HS Director, N. Director all up this year! Plus I need someone to run our elections! I have to re-run for State Council so everyone will get those ballots soon- in district mail as we speak.

At the last Board Meeting- Our Compensation TA and Retirement Incentive Passed! both 5-0 vote. Now the District can officially start adding our raise to our pay as well as get out retro checks. I will check with payroll to see the time frame on that, most likely retro checks will come up in the summer.

School Board Election- CSEA is working with us on the School Board Endorsement process. We are in the middle of getting our list of questions down to 10. Any takers to serve on the interview panel? We'll do the interviews in May for early endorsement. Miriam Perez, former Andres Duarte teacher, DUEA Organizing Team member, parent of a son at RO, Sp. Ed teacher in El Monte, introduced herself at our last Rep Council, she would like our endorsement. Jody Schultz, Beardslee parent, will be coming to May 17 Rep council to introduce herself. Current Board Member, Dr. Irene Murray has stated she would like the teacher's endorsement as well. I am hoping to get her to May Rep Council as well. The process is - once questions are finalized, we will send a letter to all candidates interested in our endorsement along with the questions so they can send them back to us ahead of time. An interview panel representing both CSEA and DUEA interviews them, ranks the candidates in order of recommendation to Rep Council. Rep Council will discuss at Sites, vote on who to endorse, if any, and then we will bring the information to membership to start getting membership assistance in the campaign. The idea this year is for CSEA and DUEA to agree on the candidates and work together throughout the election season.