Thank YOU!

May Update Part 1...

1. State Council- Thank you everyone that voted for me to keep my seat on State Council! The results came in today and I was re-elected!

2. School Board Meeting.. at this Thursday's School Board Meeting, MAY 24th, the updated CAP Plan will be presented.

3. School Board Endorsement- Site Reps will be voting on School Board candidate endorsement this week. Please reach out to your Rep with your feedback. The Interview Committee recommendation was YES to endorse BOTH Jody Schulz and Dr. Murray, Undecided (50/50) on Miriam Perez. Exec Board voted the same way. The Rep Council Vote is the determining vote.

After the Interviews, the following day, Board Member Ken Bell reached out for the questions as well, for him and Reyna. I have not heard back from Reyna yet. She did tell me she would not ask for our endorsement when we met in April because although she wants to hear from us and does want to help us esp with salaries and asking the Supt. important questions, she feels taking our money would then put her in the position to make promises to us, which she cannot always do. I respect that. Regardless, I did add both their names to Rep Council's Endorsement Vote Form.

4. Negotiations- Tomorrow we negotiate with our full team, finishing up itinerant language, stipends, reviewing the CAP, and hopefully starting discussions on some other issues CTA has bargaining advisories out for such as MTSS, LCAP, pregnancy leave, new member contact info and orientation language.. etc.. Our ECE team meets this Wednesday where hopefully we will be very close to done with their contract language.. hours, due process, evaluations is left!

5. Shout outs to those that are moving on... Cecelia Milano and Lorri Rosenfeld- attended their last Rep Council of their union leadership careers this past Thursday as they are retiring from DUSD! I am very much going to miss them! Cecelia has been a past President, Northern Director, Secretary and Elections Chair. Lorri has been a Northern Director and served for many years, including this year, on the Negotiations Team and most recently on our School Board Interview Team. Both ladies are recipients of the WHO Awards! Thank you Cecelia and Lorri!!!

Many thanks to Chrissy Yochum for all of her help with Grievance this year! She has stepped down to take care of herself and I support her decision although she is another one I will miss very much. I will be tapping into her contract/human resources expertise as we navigate the next year with a new Grievance Chair!

Marine Dagesyan-Lucha...she's been an amazing Negotiations Chair.... I think you would all agree! I am going to miss working with her very much... she will be on call as our bargaining "consultant" advising our new Chair, VP Corrine, next year. We have accomplished so much at the table and it would not have been possible without Marine!

6. Someone else I want to recognize.. Tracy Hall! She is the winner of my Presidential Very Important Person Award for 2017-18.. she does sooo much for her students and for DUEA- keeps our books, manages our budget, writes all the checks as our Treasurer/PAC Treasurer, gets our prizes for Membership Engagement/Social Committee, bakes and delivers all the Shirts4Sweets treats- which are super yummy, and puts together our Day of the Teacher gifts every year! She is FABULOUS!!! she does a LOT and deserves the recognition and much gratitude!

Just 1.5 Weeks left everyone... this year has really flown by.... thank you for being here with me!