Mid-January Update

Mid-January Update!

Bargaining- Marine sent out the Joint Communique with more details than ever due to member feedback for as much info as possible! please contact her if you have any questions! There has been a change in our team- Tracy Hall, our Treasurer and Social Committee Extraordinaire, needed a break from negotiations. Greg Saris was appointed to take her place for the remainder of the year. We feel Greg is the right fit because he has been on our Exec Board for a number of years, travels to all Sites, is also very familiar with Sp. Ed concerns and is not afraid to speak his mind with tact and advocacy for staff and students.

The district is looking into another retirement incentive, not definite but they are looking into it. Zero period teachers- Every Thursday you may fill out 1 hr of comp. time starting from January 11th, 2018..6th grade teachers at tk-8th grade sites will have a prep starting next year. We are also writing language for itinerant teachers, working on the NV transition and agreed on the calendar for member ratification soon.

Governor's Budget Update- Gov. Jerry Brown released his final budget proposal to Californians as he closes in on his 8th term. In the face of a healthy budget surplus, his proposed budget builds on his legacy of commitment to California’s students and invests in our neighborhood public schools.

SHIRTS4SWEETS CONTEST- Over the course of 3 days of action, Royal Oaks won with Andres Duarte trailing close behind. We had a large turnout at all sites and we greatly appreciate the support!

Pics on Social Media- If you do not want your picture on FB or our Webpage, please email me.

PAC- Please email me if you are interested in our POLITICAL ACTION Committee! School Board Campaign help needed! We need a Chair and Team Members!

Women's March- This Saturday, Angela Tseng, Leona Sie and I marched with over 600,000 people in the LA Women's March. Angela and I participated with over 700 CTA State Council members! It was a great experience!

Tennis Social! "Whether you have plenty of experience or no experience, if you want to play tennis, come on out and join us from 4PM-5:30PM (sunset) every Wednesday starting today! Just bring your racket and we'll provide balls. Mr. Traeger and I might have extras rackets if you want to borrow and try tennis out first before purchasing your own racket. We look forward to seeing you on the court!" from Ms. Tseng (DHS Site Rep)

Last School Board Meeting- At the January 18th meeting the Board approved, with a 5-0 vote, my recommended amendment to the LCAP Board Policy- a change from "consult with stakeholders" to "engage and collaborate with". Look for an email from Nadia Hillman soon if you'd like to participate!

Negotiations Dates- Full Team: Feb. 6th, 2018 Early Childhood: January 31, 2018