Update Part 1

Dear DUEA Members-

Happy DAY BEFORE WINTER BREAK!!!!!! Update/information:

Bargaining- DUEA was at the table for Early Childhood on Dec 6th and today- we just got done for the afternoon. We are participating in an IBB/traditional blend and it's going very well as we work together writing contract language specific for ECE. The more difficult part of negotiating, hours, and soon, salary has arrived. We expect to finalize ECE negotiations by February.

Our regular Negotiations team is back at the table January 9th. Stayed tune to hear how YOU can support OUR team!

NEW T-SHIRTS are being delivered to sites this week! Some of you already got them and are wearing them! 2XL is back-ordered and will be in soon.

Organizing to Support Negotiations- We are going on a Site Blitz when we get back in January to give you important data and talk with you about ways we'd like you to support our Negotiations Team. lunch will be provided! More info on dates to come but most likely this will take place Jan 10, 11 & 12 or the following week.

School Board- At the Dec. 14 Board Meeting the Board Voted 3-2 to appoint Doug Edwards as Board President and Ken Bell as VP. Jim Bauler presented the First Interim Report. Our reserve is currently at the state minimum amount, our budget is categorized as "positive" and showed a decrease in spending for consultants but books and supplies, which also contains "programs", stayed the same - a large expenditure. No monetary adjustment set aside for future increases in benefits and salary, not even the COLA, but consideration for increases in STRS and PERS was allotted for as well as a projected savings in staffing once the Village is gone. Regarding programs- keep in mind all have been brought in through a top-down approach rather than through a collaborative process between the district and bargaining units. I spoke and emailed the the Board asking them to direct the district to add us in the budget in order to be able to make substantial growth on salary in the next few years. I also gave them LA County salary info at the last Board Meeting so they can see how far below the median we are at almost every category of salary. I gave this same information to all Site Reps to show you at your 10 min meetings.

Next up on my "Dinner with a SB Member" is Dr. Irene Murray. Dr. Murray has a Doctorate in Education, is a Math Specialist at ICEF Lou Dantzler Tk-7th (Inner City Education Foundation) and is well-versed at reviewing charter petitions. Our Bargaining Chair, Marine Lucha, will accompany me.