Maxwell WINS! Update Part 2

The WINNER OF OUR "SHIRTS4SWEETS" contest on Dec. 20th was MAXWELL!!!!

Valley View and Royal Oaks TIED for 2nd!

1st Goldberg notice- Yesterday was the deadline administrators had to give those of you that are on the Goldberg cycle the FIRST notification, per contract, that they MIGHT put you back to the regular cycle next year. Again, this notice doesn’t necessarily mean that the employee will be put back onto the regular evaluation cycle but means that there is a possibility to return.

Goldberg can be given to a member that has had ten years of service and a satisfactory evaluation during the last evaluation cycle. It's a mutual agreement between the member and the administrator to postpone a regular two year evaluation cycle to a cycle that is up to five years. This agreement also has the understanding that either party may unilaterally rescind this agreement at any time. To put a certificated member back on the regular evaluation cycle the member has to be given notice that this return is a possibility by the end of the first semester and then given final notice by May 15th.

Voluntary Events - There are 2 events outside the instructional day we must attend- Back to School Night and Open House. The other events different sites or the district has are voluntary. Every principal has the option to give comp. time (6hrs = 1 full day off) for these events. Before agreeing to attend/work the events, please ask the administrator if comp. time will be given and contact your site rep and if you feel coerced or pressured to "volunteer". Same goes for volunteering to lead an activity/program- find out immediately if there is pay or comp time for your work. Prep time in Secondary is not time meant to lead/meet regarding a mandated program. If you are asked to do so, kindly decline as mandated programs need to be PAID in addition to the regular work day. Collaboration time is time to collaborate with your grade group. If you are asked to sub during your prep, please fill out a time sheet each time you sub.

Many of us love volunteering and are able to do so. However, many of us also have second jobs or have family obligations. If you are in that category, you should never be made to feel uncomfortable, looked down upon, seen as not here for the kids or not doing your part for the greater good etc.. If you simply don't wish to give your time there is nothing wrong with that. In our profession it's perceived that the "good teachers" are those that give 10 hours a day and weekends involved with numerous clubs and activities along with teaching. It is my belief that as long as there are volunteers for things administrators want from us, it will become more and more expected and harder to get the compensation we deserve.

Pressuring us for uncompensated work is not right and against labor laws. This is occurring and I have had conversations with HR about the methods some administrators are using to guilt people into "volunteering" such as asking for lists of who is willing and who is not in grade group meetings, asking for a "show of hands" in staff meetings, google docs for everyone to see, sending TOSAs or other teachers to coerce the ones that haven't committed etc.. etc..

CA Labor Law covers this in Section 3(e)(4)(A) of the Fair Labor Standard Act and 29 C.F.R. § § 553.101 and 553.103,1-

Individuals are volunteers, not employees of a public agency, when they meet the following criteria:

A. They provide their services for civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons without promise,

expectation, or receipt of compensation for the services rendered, although a volunteer can

be paid expenses, reasonable benefits, or a nominal fee to perform such services;

B. They offer their services freely and without coercion, direct or implied, from the employer; and

C. They are not otherwise employed by the same public agency to perform the same services as

those for which they propose to volunteer; in other words, individuals can qualify as

volunteers if they either volunteer for different agencies or perform services different from

those they are otherwise employed to perform.

Finally, thank you for your support and have a very restful Winter Break!