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Joint Communique August 28, 2018

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Joint Communique Mat 2019

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May 22, 2018 - Heather came to clarify the CAP plan that was going to the Board- has not gone to the Associations prior - this is not working together and there are questions and issues  regarding the CSarts and our partnership that affects our members such as signing off on attendance rosters. Administration feels this is the same as sports PE. Suggestion for administration to sign these rosters. Stipend Committee presented- after discussion and some changes a final stipend list was agreed upon for ratification. Itinerant teacher MOU was signed, benefits clarification for retirees MOU was signed. Counselor work day, prep for k-5 teachers were not discussed- agreed to discuss next year. Extension of contract signed. This was the final meeting of the year.


May 18, 2018  -   discussion on district and teacher/staff divide at last Board Meeting due to admin getting salary increases/promotions which were not discussed prior signing salary TA- DUEA disappointed in lack of transparency. Ron Bennett recommended salaries to be 80% of budget, we are at 77%- further talks next year as how to bring that closer to recommended percentage. Haro revisited parking at DHS- staff will be assigned parking close to work location, ILT to discuss further, discussed facilities usage agreement with CSArts for PAC and potables- used by some district teachers for 6th period, restrooms for CArts use, next year part of the federal lunch program. DUEA brought up that electives and start times have been posted on facebook by parents prior to staff being included at RO. Language developed for Itinerant Teachers. Dr. Hillman reported on the need for 2 more counselors as well as 2 specialist positions for math and reading this coming year. Stipend committee not ready to report. Bell schedules for next year looked at. Did not get to counselors work year, collaboration time for k-5 teachers, agreements for next year- will put out JC after May 22 meeting.


April 17, 2018 -  discussions on lack of parking at DHS due to NV Village on the parking lot and rumor of CSArts buying the portables and using lot next year. Haro will provide a survey to staff for next year parking preference which will include baseball field parking with City agreement of usage. District to investigate whether PAC North parking lot can be used by DHS employees. DUEA questioned if District would pay for a teacher to go to IBB training to be a "trainer  of trainers" since District is paying for Rick to attend. Jackie clarified that teachers don't attend this training as staff represents teachers. Other inquiries were regarding CSArts cafeteria bill which is currently coming out of DUSD general fund and not repaid as well as the reorganization of admin at DHS specifically elimination of one Dean and conversion of another Dean to an AP. Is 3 APs necessary, DUEA doesn't believe so. Admin positions to be reviewed by cabinet. Discussion of new classrooms at RO larger than at other sites, expansion of blacktop at RO, instructional minutes/bell schedules, zero periods, new CSArts time schedules. Stipend committee met few weeks ago but still needs more time. Discussion on itinerant teacher issues. IBB process used to look at both District and DUEA interest on Itinerants. More discussion needs to be had next session. Retirement incentive and number of teachers taking it as well as NV displacement process update- all NV teachers placed now.  Counselors work year was tabled as was k-5 teacher prep periods. Agenda set for next dates, May 18 & 22. including stipend committee reports, agreements for 17-18, counselor work year, CSArts cafeteria update and NV lease agreement. 


March 1,  2018 -  After months of hard work, last night we reached a TA (tentative agreement) for compensation: 


For the 2017-18 school year-

 - Effective January 01, 2018: 2% added to the salary



For the 2018-19 school year-


  - Effective July 01, 2018: salary schedule adjusted to

       the COLA (currently 2.71%).


   -Effective January 01, 2019: salary schedule adjusted

      by 2.50%


Contingency language: If Fall 2018 enrollment exceeds the projected enrollment by 60 students District and DUEA agree to return to the bargaining table in good faith to discuss use of those funds.




Joint Communiques 


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May 2017 - The focus of negotiations was making sure that all "parking lot" issues and topics that had been tabled due to other priorities that were addressed. Goals and interests were discussed and preparation for collective bargaining for the 2017/2018 school year was discussed. A few topics included developing options and input for staff training that falls under the Educator Effectiveness Grant, addressing persistent issues and solidifying details regarding the transition and changes in DUSD and presenting member concerns regarding special education. 


September 2017 Exec Board met and voted to continue with Interest Based Bargaining only if the District agreed to pay 100% of the facilitator cost (most District do). Our facilitator remains Debbie Collins who comes highly recommended from our CTA Rep., Jackie Butler, and our 3 members of last year's team. Our team is Chaired by Marine Dagesyan-Lucha with Elementary Educators Lorri Rosenfeld & Pattie Scherer, High School Educators Stephen Clayton, MIT, Josh Johnson & Tracy Hall (also Sp. Ed. Rep.) from DHS.  Negotiating for Early Childhood is Leona Sie. The District Team is Chief Negotiator Rick Crosby with Nadia Hillman, Janis Koladinski, Luis Haro and Jeni Romero. Our first date at the table was Tuesday, September 26th. We asked everyone to show solidarity by wearing bllack or DUEA/CTA shirts. Over 90% of our members participated. Andres Duarte had 100% participation. 


Tracy and I attended Service Center One's Coordinated Bargaining prior which provided us with state budget information, new legislation and article language to add to our CBA (new member orientation, discipline/restorative justice and pregnancy leave). We also got bargaining updates and the most current salary settlements in our Service Center. Through updates from our Service Center Office, we are able keep in contact with our neighboring locals, lend support if called upon and vice versa.

At the first Negotiations Session the teams reviewed norms, did introductions, a team-building exercise, agreed upon future dates, discussed the 2018-19 school calendar, talked about the teacher walk-through process or "treasure hunts" as a tool for evaluation (not to be used in the contractual eval. process), videotaping and photographing teachers for social media promotion (form created to opt in), discussed the Goldberg process and last year's mix up with dates (Appendix is incorrect) and admin not giving out promised paperwork to some members after a verbal mutual agreement was made. Other topics were- creating a natural disaster day for Valley View MOU, stipends (a committee will be formed to make stipends equitable and competitive) and compensation including longevity. 

October 2017The teams were focused on creating the MOU for Valley View in case of disaster days. DUEA brought Special Education concerns to the District including the need for teacher training and classroom support. Class sizes for courses that do not have a limit  in the contract were discussed as was the definition of a minimum day in regards to professional responsibilities, consolidation of elementary report cards and adding prep time during report card time. Jim Bauler gave the District's Financial Report which includes revenues, expenditures, enrollment, consultants, sp. ed., reserve account and the amount in our insurance pool. Both teams discussed priorities- compensation including longevity, salary and benefits, stipends, elem. teacher progress reporting release time, class size caps for those NOT capped, itinerant teacher travel time. Exec Board provided direction for these priorities from Membership Survey data. 


November 14, 2017 - Today was focused on -bargaining for a reduction in items in the elementary report card. Teachers will be given a survey to complete in order to collect data regarding the best means to consolidate the report card. Also discussed was - 6th grade teachers that teach similar schedules as 7 & 8th grade teachers. DUEA believes a prep period and a 5 period teaching schedule should apply to ALL 6th grade teachers that teach on k-8 campuses and have different class rosters each period. Currently the only 6th grade teachers getting a prep period are those teachers that also have 7th grade students. DUEA also asked for compensation for zero period teachers working beyond the contracted day during early release days where meetings start more than 20 minutes after their student day. Our CBA states meeting must start 20 minutes after the student day ends. Both zero period and 6th grade prep period discussions will be continued next session.

Both teams reviewed the number of days for the 2018-19 calendar to ensure they were correct. Also discussed was options for compensation. The number of consultants and programs and amount spent on the them is a concern. We are asking that the district budgets for teachers/staff and prioritizes us before spending on programs & consultants. Our shared interest is to bring salary/h&w to the median in the area however as surrounding districts continue to receive raises, it has not been possible to achieve that goal.


Due to scheduling conflicts both teams agreed to skip negotiating in December and meet twice in January. We need your support as our hard-working, dedicated team fights for a fair, competitive contract.

January 9, 2018 -  DUEA  and DUSD agreed it is in everyone's best interest to move forward with consistent practices of teacher input on program, curriculum, textbook adoption process and consultation decisions.  Transparency and moving away from top-down practices is critical to move us forward. From January on, all teachers that have a zero period may put in for 1 hr comp time every Thursday. District shared the LCAP timeline and moved salary & compensation to #! on the CAP. DUEA stated compensation is a top priority and must be addressed. District presented updated PE minute accounting form and will bring back a proposal on Article 6.3.1 Extended Benefits for Retirees next session. 6th grade teachers that are at all tk-8th grade sites will receive prep time next school year. Language for 8th grade Village MOU was discussed. DUEA proposed more time for moving. The 2018-19 calendar was presented for DUEA to ratify, already ratified by CSEA. DUEA begann crafting more budget questions for district to bring back to the next session, January 30th. 

January 30, 2018 - 8th grade Village MOU was agreed upon. Jim Bauler present the 1st Interim Budget and answered questions DUEA presented regarding the budget and expenditures. Compensation discussion ensued. 

February 13, 2018-  Last week we met with CTA's Negotiations, Budget and Organizing Specialist, Vern Gates. This meeting was very productive and eye-opening for our team. Our CTA Rep gave Vern a departing gift of a very large binder filled with the district's financial information for him to take with him to analyze. We will know soon (few days) about what exactly the district can afford before we move to agree to a settlement. The district is has offered to use S&C grant funds (supplemental and concentration grant) for part of our raise. This funding is specifically for improving services for special ed, ELL, foster youth and free-and-reduced lunch recipients. We have a large percentage of these students here in DUSD, over 70% of our population which means we do get more funding but sp. ed takes most of it.

Currently, the district believes that LACOE - will not accept the LCAP when S&C funds are used toward raises unless additional minutes are added to our workday. I disagree with this statement and so does Vern. Over the years I have gone to many workshops given by CTA which has included how to write the LCAP using language specific for this fund--  "Attract and RETAIN highly certified teachers" is perfectly acceptable. When there is a high turnover rate or stressed out teachers, the student-teacher relationship suffers.  My stance is that we already have programs in place, "additional minutes added to the workday per class period or subject" does not necessarily mean the achievement gap closes.   According to the DO we have among the lowest minutes in front of students in the area. There are many ways to use this funding but so far the district wishes to tie it to an increase of minutes. I am looking for districts that have approved LCAPS that specifically use S&C $ for salary and benefits, not for specific positions, but for across the board raises. 

Current option from the District is a 2 year agreement- 2% retro to January for 2017-18,  2018-19: COLA (estimated at 2.51%) plus 2.5% with an additional 12 minutes added to the work day from S&C funds. Each site would decide how the minutes are used and distributed.

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